If you don’t think Idris Elba is one hot hunk of a man, girl it’s time to get your head checked!

Not only is the British actor a cutie in his own right, but he’s been taking lessons from another Hollywood heartthrob– the one and only Denzel Washington.

“Mr. Washington I salute you,” Idris told The Life Files. “Denzel told me one day, ‘Listen, you’re doing good work, but never read your own press.’ [That advice] definitely kept my perspective real.”

As for being a sex symbol himself, the Emmy-nominated star maintains a humble perspective but is glad to shine a positive light on Black men as a whole.

“In general the word ‘sexy’ isn’t applied to Black men. That word has been thrown at me a few times so I have to say I own it. If it gives me and other Black men another definition, then great. I can live with that” said Idris.

Idris, boo, you own the word sexy very well. Don’t you agree, ladies?


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