Every season, I attempt to treat myself to a killer pair of shoes. This winter, I had my heart set on the perfect pair—a French Connection over-the-knee stacked heel boots. They were beautiful. Only problem was, I wear a size 11 shoe and have a calf circumference of 15.5 inches (read; I have really big feet and equally big calves). And per usual the boot didn’t come in my size. This is just one of the many struggles of being a gal with seemingly giant feet.  

Shopping for shoes is such a hassle. Finding a stylish design that fits my fat and flat foot is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. Couple that with the fact that when I do find a pair they are often expensive and I’m usually left empty handed. So, when I do find a shoe that’s my size and is cute, I’m forced to shell out a lot of dough at a moment’s notice because I’d never dare pass up a good shoe that fits. 

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So to all the women, who wear the average American shoe size of 8.5 or 9,  and pout in the store when the clerk says their size is sold out or think a good shoe it hard to come by, I’ve got news for you—at least most companies offer shoes in your size. 

Just imagine the way it feels when I find a great shoe online, only to drop down the size bar and learn that the cute option I thought would soon be added to my closet is out of stock — or even more of a disappointment, to learn that it isn’t even offered in the first place. 

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I naturally and perpetually side-eye every woman who can rock a pointed-toe shoe with ease. How divine your black, nude or brightly colored shoe looks on your tiny foot. Ugh. When I dare to try on a heel that has a toe that meets at a point, I end up looking like I’m wearing claws on my feet. That’s never cute.  

But my greatest shoe experience came in college when I met two of my now best friends who too are burdened with the struggle of size 11 feet. For four years, we endured the hardship of needing a good heel for college parties, the perfect sneaker for running across campus, and a durable boot for those harsh Syracuse winters. 

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We would hunt endlessly and tirelessly for a good shoe to come by and when we did, we’d pass along our new found favorite place to shoe shop with the hopes of blessing each other. 

For the stores like Sam Edelman, DSW, and Nine West, I thank you. Nordstrom and Zappos, you are God sent and I cannot praise you enough. To my new discoveries, Isy B. and Smash Shoes, I look forward to doing business with you, because well, you all make my big feet dreams come true. 

Below, are a few more unexpected spots ladies with big feet with love…

Torrid: Up to size 13 

Full Beauty: Up to size 14

Smash Shoes: Sizes 10 to 14

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Shoes of Prey: Up to size 15

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Long Tall Sally: Up to size 15


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