I Agree With Tracee Ellis Ross, We Want To See Our Hair On TV
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It still amazes me to see so many beautiful Black women with natural hair on television. I remember when I was much younger, I never saw images of naturals rocking their textured locks. Now, you see us everywhere and it’s clear that corporations have studied the new trends and the numbers concerning the rate in which Black women are converting to natural. Recently, Tracee Ellis Ross shared with Entertainment Weekly that “I think it’s huge that I’m wearing my natural hair texture on ABC in prime time,” she said. “As Dr. Rainbow Johnson on black-ish, I think my hair is part of the reality of this woman’s life.” I couldn’t agree more. RELATED: Tracee Ellis Ross Shares Hair Secrets, Weighs In on the Natural Hair Debate It is extremely important for little Black girls to see images that look like themselves on primetime television. A Black woman’s beauty is far from the European standards of beauty this country follows. Black women are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum so it is important that we see beautiful images of ourselves in the media. I remember watching Girlfriends to get inspiration to continue my natural hair journey. My eyes were glued to Tracee Ellis Ross’ hair on every scene. Wearing her hair in its natural state showed me that is was acceptable; you can be beautiful with natural hair and still be viewed as desirable. I’ve seen countless movies and commercials where the lead girl was faired-skinned with long, silky hair and the sidekick is a natural girl who wasn’t as cute or popular. It sends subliminal messages and that’s not cool. We have a responsibility to show young girls around the world that having big, kinky hair is gorgeous. Wearing your hair straight is just another option. It is also important for mothers, teachers and other influential figures in your childrens’ life to embrace their unique beauty, especially their hair. As long as there are Tracees, Violas and Solanges, women will continue to be inspired and unafraid to show the world that naps, kinks, coils and curls is Black beauty at it’s best.

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