Okay, let me catch you up here. Last night, Beyoncé updated her super fab Tumblr account with more family photos from her family trip to Paris with husband Jay-Z and their daughter, Blue Ivy. All of the photos are amazing—as usual—but one in particular caught Twitter’s attention. The photo that got everyone talking was this one—a fun shot of Beyoncé slaying in an elevator taken by Jay-Z, whose reflection can be seen in the mirror behind her.

If you look closely at Jay, you can see that he’s having a major proud husband moment, and why wouldn’t he be? He’s married to Beyoncé. She’s looking lovely. He captured her in the perfect light and he nailed the photo bomb. Winning!

Twitter loved the team effort, and I must say, I did too. Plus, I can relate because I’m also married to an “Instagram Husband” who nails the photo when needed. Husbands and boyfriends really do make the best cameramen, and here’s why:

They Know the Real Angles
Usually, there’s the angle where you look great in a picture according to everyone else and then there’s the angle that you think you look amazing in the photo. Husbands and boyfriends know he difference. Friends do not.


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They Want Your Hands Off Their Phones
When you run out of space on your phone because your memory is filled with failed selfie attempts in bad light, whose phone do you steal? His. If you’d have just let him take the shot in the first place, you both win.


They’re Always There (and Your Biggest Fans)
You’re lovers and best friends, which means you spend, like, all of your time together – we get.  When a photo-worthy moment occurs, he’s right there, capable and qualified. How can you lose?


They’re Too Over It To Fail
After 12 years together, my husband’s so over having to take the same photo over and over again until “it’s perfect” that he’s determined to nail it the first time around – or at worst, the second.