Husband Hall Passes? 8 Questions We Have for Toya Wright and Memphitz

It is the hall pass heard ‘round the world.

Reality TV fans just will not stop talking about the premiere of season two of Bravo’s hit series Untying The Knot. The episode featured reality TV star Toya Wright (who is also the ex-wife of Lil Wayne) and her now estranged husband Mickey Wright (AKA Memphitz), that shows him admitting she gave him an eight-day hall pass from their troubled marriage.

We wish they were just kidding, but it seems they are not. When the show’s therapist asked Memphitz if he has ever cheated on his wife, he responded, “No. Not without my hall pass!” News has traveled fast and now viewers are publicly questioning Toya’s judgment call and Memphitz’s hall pass. Although Toya has publicly insisted that her response to his statement was heavily edited for the clip, she hasn’t exactly denied going to unusual lengths to save her marriage.

In the clip, Memphitz was asked to elaborate on what he meant by “hall pass,” and he confidently responded, “She gives me eight days a year to do what I wanna do—no questions asked.” Well, sorry, Mr. Wright, we do have some questions, and we need answers.

1. Whose (really) bad idea was this anyway? Please say his, because offering your husband an olive branch of infidelity never ends well. Therapy should be step one.

2. Why the number “8”? Why not “7” or “6”? What is so special about 8? This seems just as random as the thought of letting a man who can’t stay faithful have more room to roam.

3. Does an STD screening and HIV test come with each of these days? Because it should. Women whose partners cheat on them while in a supposedly monogamous relationship are twice as likely to catch an STD.

4. Why not just call it an “open marriage?” That’s what it is, and if you both aren’t able to enjoy the perks of such a lifestyle arrangement than it is really more of a doomed marriage.

5. Why is it not okay for Toya to have a hall pass if Memphitz is so comfortable with having one? He can’t be serious.

6. Is it eight different days, eight different women or both? Could you be more specific please, because these loose interpretations are sounding mighty scary right about now.

7. Where are Toya’s friends when she needs them? Someone had to recognize how wrong this all sounded before she created this plan.

8. Why are you taking such pride in revealing this arrangement on national TV, Memphitz? Stepping out on your wife (at least) eight times a year is nothing to brag about. She deserves better. Case closed.

Untying The Knot airs Sundays at 10p.m. EST.