As a little girl maybe you were innocent enough to keep a list of how you wanted your life to turn out. Just maybe. For some of us it was an education and a career. For others, a husband and children. The older we got the less we relied on that list and just took life as it happened. In a piece in the Times of London, writer Shane Watson suggests that perhaps it’s time to go back to creating lists, especially when it comes to men. Speaking on Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegran and other high-profile marital shake-up’s, Watson writes:
Clearly what we have here is a crisis at the selection stage, resulting in lots of unhappy singletons and disappointed wives.
Her solution? A “list of rigid rules” to help you separate the good from the bad. The list should be short and sweet and take into consideration qualities like how much a man genuinely likes women, “as in all women,” says Watson. He must be kind, “capable of equating love with responsibility and “have the same attitude as you to sex, money and family.” While he idea of having “rules” when it comes to relationships always seems to fall flat (remember the book “The Rules”?) Watson’s list doesn’t seem so out of touch, and probably doesn’t stray far from what your mother taught you all along. But this time if you do create a checklist it will be with the clarity of a grown woman. Maybe. So ladies, have you ever kept a checklist of what you’re looking for in a man? Related stories: