Hurricane Katrina Survivors Send Messages of Hope to Victims of Sandy
NOLA to New York Tumblr

Hurricane Katrina survivors are encouraging victims of Superstorm Sandy to stay strong in the midst of devstation.

On the NOLA to New York tumblr page created by freelance jorunalist Andy Korpas, Katrina survivors hold up messages of hope for New Yorkers. “Be resilient Y’all will make it through this because y’all been through hell before” says John, a native of the Lower Ninth Ward.

NOLA to New York Tumblr


“Patience is key to survival. Pray and help your neighbor. Now is not the time to be selfish but thankful. Because You Survived! writes DeShawn.

Parallels have already been drawn between the devastation seen in New York post-Sandy and New Orleans post-Katrina in 2005, and NOLA residents like DeShawn share what they know about losing everything. “Waiting in long lines for simple means of survival is frustrating, but look at the bigger picture,” she writes. “All material possessions can be replaced. Your life is the most valuable thing you have.”

Messages of hope isn’t all the city of New Orleans is sending to New York. Earlier this week the New Orleans District office of the Army Corps of Engineers sent pumps to help drain tunnels in the Big Apple.

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