Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey may have moved its way along Texas, transforming itself from a Category 4 hurricane to a tropical storm, but the bands of rain it left behind in Houston are still wrecking havoc on a city already under water.

The storm, which submerged the nation’s fourth largest city, have dropped a record breaking amount of rain in Houston — 49.32 inches that has flooded homes, breached a levee, and swallowed highways.

With the storm expecting to cost at least $35 billion, many are comparing it to Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall in Louisiana 12 years ago on August 29, 2005. And for many of the survivors of Katrina, who relocated to Houston after the monster storm, enduring another historic hurricane is yet another trauma that will cost far to much — financially and psychologically.

Take a look at the devastation Harvey has left behind: