How to Tell Your Friend She’s Dating A Jerk

An Awkward Situation

Everyone wants to see his or her friends happy. That’s why it’s unsettling to see a good friend in a bad-dating situation. Like it or not, all love isn’t healthy love.If he doesn’t make her happy, she shouldn’t be with him. The trouble is, you know that, but she doesn’t. How do you convince a friend that she deserves much better?Here are fives rules to follow when you’re ready to have a heart-to-heart.

Pick The Right Time

Talking crap about your friend’s guy every time his name comes up won’t make her break up with him any faster. In fact, it could have a reverse affect. She’ll start to think of you as a hater who isn’t on her side. The next time you really want to sit down and discuss how she’s feeling about her relationship she’ll be fed up and over it. We’re not saying pretend you’re cool with him (you don’t have to be fake), but you shouldn’t be negative all the time either. No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer-type. Careful or you could wind up losing a friend.

Be Prepared to Fail

Managing your expectations is key when you’re trying to help a friend out of an emotionally toxic situation. Just because you’re telling her the truth about her relationship doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to listen, or understand. A person isn’t always ready to hear what’s best for them, even if the have asked you to give it to them straight. Remember your job is to support her; don’t make it too obvious that you’re disappointed or frustrated with her reaction. It could take quite a few heart-to-hearts for her to see light. Or, she may not ever come around. Don’t go into this expecting to be a hero. Just do your best to help your friend.

Pace Yourself

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t be able to convince your girlfriend to breakup with her bad news beau overnight.If you want to help her, you’re going to need patience. Take her to lunch and let her know you can tell she’s unhappy and you’re concerned. See what her reaction to this is. If you upset her, drop the issue for now. Pushing her won’t get you anywhere. Change the subject and let her know you’re always available if she needs to talk. After some time has passed and you feel the moment is right, you can try bringing it up again.

Remind Her Of Her Worth

If your friend feels attacked by your words or feelings, you may be coming over too strong. Look her in the eyes and tell her you want the best for her and that you’re not sure the one she’s with is deserving of her greatness. Remind her of things she’s said in the past that contradict her behavior today. Yes, it’s tough love time, but ultimately you’re trying to get her to rediscover her confidence and snap out of it. Men prey on a woman’s weakness and ability to stand up for herself when it counts.

Point Out the Obvious

You don’t need to take off the gloves when you sit down and talk to your friend about what’s going on.It’s a sensitive subject so you should be fair. Without attacking her character, or his, it’s best if you just point out the obvious if you’re accusing her boyfriend of being bad news. Say things like, “you never smile when he’s around” or “he ignores your phone calls” instead of things like “he’s the biggest jerk in the world” or “you can do so much better than him”. You’re essentially saying the same thing, but in a less hurtful manner.