Finally, it’s hot enough to rock those fierce Giuseppe Zanotti sandals! Now make sure your feet do them justice. Here, we have tips from Skyy Hadley of New Jersey’s As U Wish Nail Spa on how to score pretty feet this summer.  1.) To hydrate dry, flaky feet, soak them in water spiked with milk. “Adding milk is a crucial step, as water can strip skin of moisture,” says Hadley. “Milk is also a natural exfoliator.” 2.) Cuticle-shaping isn’t just for fingernails! After you’ve soaked your feet for a few minutes, apply a rich lotion (we like Origin Reinventing The Heel, $20), and gently push back cuticles with a Q-Tip. “Don’t cut them,” she says. “Cutting them creates more hangnails and can cause infection.” 3.) Buff away rough spots, callouses and corns with a good exfoliator like C. Booth Peppermint Foot Scrub ($4). “To really smooth things over, use a diamond file on particularly rough patches like the heel and ball of the foot,” says Hadley. 4.) Twice a month, give thirsty feet a moisture-surge with an overnight treatment. “Massage in a light oil or Vaseline at night,” she says. “Then, put socks on so the skin can absorb the formula even deeper.” To check out our favorite thong sandals for this season, click here.