Hey Ladies! “What are you looking at?” my friend asked me when we were out for a 5-miler in Central Park. He’s a phenomenal personal trainer and even though we were just doing a fun run with our dogs, he gave me coach-like advice: “Focus on that street light at the top of the hill.” It sounds simple: Focus on where you’re going. Look at the top of the hill and let your feet take you there. But whenever I run uphill I do just the opposite: Stare at the ground. Avoid looking at how far I have to go. Just focus on putting one foot in front of the other until I’m, hopefully, miraculously at the top of the hill. I decided to try what he was talking about. . . and a funny thing happened. I actually felt like I was running faster. My form was much better–since I was looking ahead and not down–so the strides were easier. And even though I thought looking at the top of the hill would feel like watching the clock in step class, it wasn’t. Keeping my eyes on the prize actually helped. Want to feel like you’re flying towards your goal? Keep your eyes on the finish line. When someone asks you if you want a slice of leftover cake from an office party, look straight ahead and tell them what you’re trying to accomplish–and why the cake doesn’t fit in. When you’re too tired to get out of bed for an early morning workout, flash forward to how great you’ll feel after you’ve burned more calories before 9am than most people will by 9pm. And when you’re coming up a hill on your next bike ride or run or skate, focus on that crest and think of me! Just kidding. Stride right and raise your hands when you get to the top because you’re a winner! Got any good tips for reaching your goals? Post them here and share with everyone!