Does race matter when it comes to Tiger Woods’ recent “transgressions”? Apparently so, according to a recent Associated Press article which examines how Black radio shows, bloggers and commentators are treating the scandal.

“We’ve discussed this for years among Black women,” Denene Millner, co-author of Steve Harvey bestseller, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” told the Associated Press this week. “Why is it when they get to this level … they tend to go directly for the nearest blonde?”

Though coverage of the scandal has not focused on the race of Woods’ wife and his mistresses, radio hosts like Tom Joyner aren’t looking past it just yet. “The question everyone in America wants to ask you is, how many white women does one brother want?” he joked on his syndicated show. “Thankfully, Tiger, you didn’t marry a black woman. Because if a sister caught you running around with a bunch ofwhite hoochie- mamas, she would have castrated you.”

On the same show, comedienne Sheryl Underwood addressed the issue by saying “The issue comes in when you choose something white because you think it’s better. And then you never date a black woman or a woman of color or you never sample the greatness of the international buffet of human beings. If you never do that, we got a problem.”

Even White comedian Bill Maher is going in on Tiger, tweeting, “If Tiger had a black wife that golf club wldnt (sic) have been in his windshield it wld have been in his ass.”


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