5 Ways Beauty Girls Keep Their Cool During Long Flights

If the idea of flying makes you uneasy, it can put a real damper on any dreams you have of yachting in the French Riviera or pulling a Lupita and spending a summer glamping in Kenya. Lucky for you, there is solace to be found to ease your travel woes outside of cocktailing Xanax with a glass of wine pre-flight. We caught up with co-founder and owner of Flying Lotus in New York City, Nick Granik to get his tips and tricks on easing your flying woes holistically.

1) Try Floating. Schedule a floatation therapy session immediately before and after traveling. Between last-minute errands before the flight and general jet-lag, your body becomes sleep deprived. Floating, even for 30 minutes, allows your body and mind to rest deeper than normal sleep, helping you recover.

      a. If You Can’t Float, Soak. If floatation therapy isn’t possible, take baths with Epsom Salt to mimic a float. Add Lavender Essential Oil to the bath for its relaxing aromatherapy benefits. 

2) Stretch it Out! A full-out yoga session isn’t an option, but Granik suggests doing sun salutations before and after boarding, “While on the plane, lift your arms above your head and stretch. Calf raises are also easy to do in your seat,” he states. 

3) Pack Your Favorite Scent. Granik recommends bringing a travel-size version of your favorite scented lotion or soap—anything you find familiar and soothing to help keep you calm during the airport chaos.

4) Practice Breathing. Repeat after us: “Woo-sah.” Practice breathing exercises to center your mind and body. The key is to take slow, deep breaths in, hold the breath for about five seconds, then release as slowly as you can manage.

5) Stimulate Your Pressure Points. There are acupressure points throughout the body that can provide stress relief. While you’re in the air, stimulate these three points located on your hand:

      a. Inner Gate – Located 1.5 inches below your inner wrist and straight down from between your index and middle finger, this point encourages deep breathing.

      b. Outer Gate – Located between the two tendons on the backside of the arm about 1.5 inches below the wrist, this point increases energy flow through the body.

      c. Union Valley – This point is right in the webbing between the thumb and index finger and helps reduce muscle tension.