How to Get Jennifer Hudson’s Oxblood Lip
Ida Mae Astute

A deeply tinted pout is pretty hard to miss. And we realize for some of you, that’s exactly the issue. “I just feel like I’m trying too hard when I wear lipstick,” said one skeptical reader. Well, yes. You’re trying—to be awesome, and that’s okay! It does take a little effort to pull off deep wine—moisturizing, liner, lip brush—but the great thing about the shade is it looks amazing on everyone. “It’s so deep that it’s almost a neutral,” says Chicago-based makeup artist Oslyn Holder, who’s been working with Jennifer Hudson for almost two years. “It’s beautiful on pale complexions and complements a dark skin tone too.” Simply put: You can’t lose.

Here’s how to give it a whirl:
Step 1: Apply a moisturizing (but not glossy) lip balm. Try Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($22.50;  “Matte shades, like the one I used to create Jennifer’s look, can feel drying,” says Holder. “So moisturize prior to applying color.”

Step 2: Line lips with a pencil that matches your lipstick. “You can’t just slap this color on because it’s so dark.  Any imperfection will look sloppy,” says Holder. Read: Don’t skip this. A pencil makes it easy to color inside the lines in the next step. Holder used MAC Lip Pencil in Currant ($15; on Jennifer.

Step 3: Apply lipstick with a lip brush—it ups your precision. “I blended a deep wine with a fuchsia to give Jennifer’s look some dimension,” adds Holder. Her picks: MAC Lipstick in Fixed on Drama (wine) and Flat Out Fabulou (fuchsia) ($15 each). Beauty Editor Insight: Fill in the middle of your pout using lipstick, but stop before you get to your lip line. There’s no need to be  exacting in this area, and this “middle fill-in” makes getting the perfect lip faster and easier. Color in the rest with a brush, making sure to maintain a precise line around your lips.

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