The city of Houston could be erecting a monument in honor Beyonce, according to the Houston, Texas TV station, My Fox Houston.

Two of her biggest supporters, Steve White and Marcus Mitchell, are behind the grand project. Together, they run Armdeonce Ventures and are working to permanently erect a monument in honor of Queen Beyonce.

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“We wanted to construct a massive hall,” says Mitchell. “As the doors open you’ll have clips of Beyonce in Destiny’s Child on tour. On the right side you’ll have wardrobe. You’ll have all these different things. It’s like a mini-museum.”

“A lot people usually get honored when they die or they’re deceased,” says Mitchell. “…Why not honor the people while they’re still here? Beyonce being an international superstar, we just felt as though it was her time to be honored.”

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The gentlemen claim they’ve gotten the support of city’s mayor, Annise Parker. Also, they’re seeking private donations to fund the project with proceeds going to Music for America, Beyonce Survivor Foundation, the Grammy Cares Foundation and more.

They hope to unveil the monument on Beyonce’s birthday, September 4.

Pair Says City Has Their Back on Beyonce Monument:

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