House Republicans Agree To Hold Vote On Increased Gun Control Measures Following Democratic Sit-In
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

There is truly power in unified action and the latest announcement out of Congress is living proof.

Just one week after iconic civil rights leader and Rep. John Lewis organized an unprecedented Democratic sit-in to protest the Senate’s rejection of a bill that would increase gun control measures, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he would allow a House of Representatives vote on a bill that will prevent suspected terrorists from purchasing guns. According to The Hill, Ryan announced the news on a conference call and although it’s unclear exactly which bill will be brought to the House floor for a vote, there’s no question that the unwavering perseverance displayed during the Democratic sit-in had much to do with Ryan’s decision to allow the vote after initially speaking against the actions of the sit-in participants.

Congressman Joined Gun Control Sit-In After a Call from His Momma

While Ryan’s announcement certainly signifies a potential step in the right direction with regard to Congress cracking down on gun control, Think Progress has pointed out that if the bill selected by Ryan is deemed “too weak” by the majority of House Democrats, their protest will likely continue in some form until a better one is presented.

Over 160 members of Congress participated in last week’s historic sit-in, which took place less than two weeks after racist gunman Omar Marteen claimed the lives of 49 people during a massive shooting spree at LGBT nightclub Pulse in Orlando.

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