Hot Topic: Joy Bryant Admits She Used to ‘Dumb Down’ For Men, Could You?
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Have you ever had to do something you now regret to get a man’s attention? What if it meant being a person you’re not? Actress and star of Parenthood, Joy Bryant, knows a thing or two about it.

She recently sat down with The Conversation’s Amanda da Cadenet for an intimate video chat on her thoughts on success and relationships, and the actress revealed that she used to be a woman who would change who she was to match the needs of a man, especially for love.

“I did that later on in life,” Bryant admits. “When I look back on it…you say that I didn’t attach myself to a guy, but I did! Because, like, if I really liked you, if I had to shave off who I was—a piece of who I was—to make you feel better, I’d do it, because I love you. If I had to dumb myself down to make you feel better about your life, I’d do it. “

Whoa! As shocking as her confession may seem, Bryant, who married stuntman David Pope in 2008, certainly wouldn’t be the first woman to admit that she once did something silly for love. Are you one of them? Before you judge, consider this: We hear readers say frequently that the dating pools in their hometowns are small than ever, especially if they’re looking to date a Black man, and that finding a good (or equal) match can at times seem like an impossible fete. That’s unfortunate, but does it mean you have to become someone else?

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