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Hollywood’s Trick to Protecting Your Hair at Night

The celebrity secret to better hair and skin is hidden in the strands—silk strands, that is. Here's the Hollywood trick to wake up looking better.
Hollywood’s Trick to Protecting Your Hair at Night
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The first time I really paid attention to thread count was in 2003 when the movie Uptown Girls premiered and a Metropolitan pop princess (played by the late Brittany Murphy) was dating a guy who wrote a song called “Sheets of Egyptian Cotton.” After that, I was sold. I asked my mom to only used Egyptian Cotton sheets on my bed, and when I left for college, Egyptian cotton came with me to my dorm room. While I loved and still love my sheets, I hated the way my hair looked when I woke up— matted and rebellious strands tangled in a heap on the left side of my head. My skin seems to mimic my hair some mornings, indented and creased from folded cotton that pressed into my face as I slumbered.

My mother introduced my to satin pillow cases when I was younger because I was never much of a bonnet girl; I’m still not a bonnet girl. I’ve upgraded since my secondary school days, and recently came across a silk pillowcase brand that has really changed the beauty sleep game. Available in two sizes and five different colors, Slip Silk Pillowcases are essentially hair and skincare in bedding form. While cotton is a natural fiber, it also draws out moisture from your skin and hair, so that night cream you’re using will be far more beneficial with a breathable fiber like silk.

Hollywood’s leading ladies (think Jada-Pinkett Smith) have been using silk pillowcases for years to improve the appearance of their skin and hair, and now you can too! For less than $100 you can sleep your way to better skin, better hair and better beauty.

Silk pillowcases also allow your hair to glide seamlessly across the fibers so your hair won’t be matted and tangled in the morning. This is especially important for women of color, because our hair is so fragile. If you still aren’t sold, Slip Silk pillowcases are made from mulberry silk— the real deal—and they’re also hypoallergenic and naturally dust mite resistant; in other words, it’s the bedding answer to your allergy-ridden dreams!

Have you tried silk pillowcases, or are you a strictly cotton bedding kind of girl?