Could #OscarsSoWhite happen again next year?

New findings from USA Today’s Hollywood diversity report show that 2016 may be yet another year of movies with few minority and female faces in major roles. The same can be said of directors. The paper examined 184 movies announced for release by 14 studios between January and December 2016 and concluded that #OscarsSoWhite may happen again when the 2017 Academy Awards nominations are handed out.

“There’s a striking number of movies in which there are only White faces,” says the report analysis.

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Everything You Need to Know About #OscarsStillSoWhite 2016

The paper also assigned each Hollywood studio a letter grade and none scored high. Sony Pictures Classics, STX and Weinstein each earned a B while Paramount received an F.

Films like The Birth of a Nation (Fox Searchlight), Barbershop: The Next Cut (Warner Bros), and Boo! A Madea Halloween (Lionsgate) will most likely hit the diversity note Hollywood needs, but overall, 2016 isn’t a great year for minorities or women on the big screen.

Check out the interactive report card of the studios here.