Holly Robinson Peete is not happy about the remarks rapper 50 Cent made about autism a few days ago via Twitter.  

The rapper responded to a fan who tweeted, “@50cent Release the album or get shot again,” referencing his soon-to-be released project, Five (Murder by Numbers). 50 Cent shot back with, “I just saw your picture fool you look autistic.” Then, “I don’t want no special ed kids on my time line follow some body else,” reports The Grio

Peete, whose oldest son is autistic, said her heart sunk when she read the tweets. The actress wrote an open letter addressed “Dear 50 Cent,” where she called his comments hurtful, immature and misinformed. “I thought maybe your account had been hacked. No such luck,” she wrote. “You went on to joke about not wanting “special ed kids” on your timeline. Seriously, THIS is how you use your platform of eight million plus followers??

Peete went on to discuss her son Rodney Peete. “He has autism. So I guess this is what autistic looks like?” she asked. “He is in special ed. He loves rap music and is a HUGE fan of yours. He’s a tremendous kid. He has to deal with so much trying to fit in. This isn’t helping.”

How do you feel about 50 Cent’s comments on autism?