‘5 Foods That Could Make Your Kids Smarter’

Holly Robinson-Peete on Smart Foods

Hollywood mom Holly Robinson-Peete recently lent some nutritional advice to Yahoo Shine’s “Healthy Living” channel in a video about foods that could help improve your child’s smarts. Here are five foods that the actress and philanthropist swears by.


Salmon not only contains lots of protein but also fatty acids, “which act as building blocks for the brain and strengthens the architecture of the central nervous system,” Robinson-Peete says.

Sweet Potato

Robinson-Peete recommends making “baked sweet-potato strips with a sprinkle of cinnamon” for your kids. Sweet Potatoes are packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamin A, “which promote the enhancement of new Neurons,” Robinson-Peete says.

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For memory enhacement, Robinson-Peete suggests eggs, which contain the nutrient colene, which “can be critical during a child’s formative years to ensure full development.”


Robinson-Peete calls beans “little wonders [that] contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which keep the blood vessels of the brain running smoothly and allow nerve cells to function on a high level.” Watch the video on Yahoo Shine!