Hillary Clinton Speaks at Alpha Kappa Alpha Luncheon Leading Up to South Carolina Primaries
Getty Images/ Joe Raedle

Leading up to this weekend’s South Carolina primaries, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton addressed a group of Black women at a luncheon hosted by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority today.

During her appearance, Clinton vowed to be a voice of support for the Black community.

List of Black Women Supporting Hillary Clinton Grows

“There is something wrong when the median wealth of Black families is a tiny fraction of the median wealth of White families,” Clinton said.

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Clinton spent a portion of her speech discussing how Black women are significantly more likely than White women to die during childbirth—something that she says deserves more attention than it’s getting.

Congressional Black Caucus PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton

“Imagine if that was reversed,” Clinton said. “Imagine if a White baby was twice as likely to die before her first birthday than a Black baby.”

Currently, Clinton is leading her competitor, Bernie Sanders, by more than 20 points in South Carolina. She has spent recent months meeting with various civil rights leaders and Black Lives Matters activists. The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Jordan Davis as well as civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump have all endorsed Clinton.