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Hillary Clinton Scores Comeback Wins in Tuesday Primaries

The tight race between Clinton and Obama continues

After another round of primaries on Tuesday, Arizona Senator John McCain clinched his place as the Republican presidential nominee. For the Democrats, however, the day ended in more indecision.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton won three of four primaries, taking Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. The critical victories brought an end to her 11-state losing streak and revived her campaign, setting the stage for a continued tough fight against Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Obama won big in the Vermont primary, leading with 60 percent of the vote.

Early exit polls showed that Obama appealed to younger voters, and older voters preferred Clinton. In Texas, Clinton held a two-to-one advantage with Latino voters, while Obama had an overwhelming lead with Black voters. Overall, Obama is still in the lead with 1,477 delegates to Clinton’s 1,391-but 2,025 will be needed to win the Democratic nomination. Next up is the Pennsylvania primary on April 22.


Credit: AP Images