Hillary Clinton Lays Out Platforms On First Leg of Campaign Rollout
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Less than 48 hours after announcing her candidacy, Hillary Clinton is already on the road, reaching out to voters. The 2016 president hopeful made her first stop today at a community college in Iowa, where she revealed a vague outline of her four platforms.

Speaking to college students and faculty at Kirkwood Community College, Clinton said that she hoped to revive the economy, strengthen the American family, eliminate “dirty money” from politics (even, she said, if that means pushing for a Constitutional amendment) and increase national security.

“I will be rolling out very specific policies in the weeks and months ahead that I think are going to be at the core not only at a successful campaign, but more important, getting the government to work again,” she said to the group of students. “More to come, everybody.”

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She also briefly touched on the importance of education and defended the Common Core curriculum, a listing of educational standards that outline what each K-12 student should know after completing a grade. The system is controversial, with opponents arguing that the standardized testing is not a good indicator of intelligence.

“I have this new granddaughter, and I want her to have every opportunity,” Clinton said. “I want every child in this country to have every opportunity.”

Clinton is expected to make another stop in Iowa before officially kicking off her campaign sometime next month.