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Chelsea Clinton Tears Up Watching Her Mom Become First Woman To Secure Presidential Nomination

A truly inspiring moment for women around the world.  
Chelsea Clinton Tears Up Watching Her Mother Become The First Woman To Secure A Presidential Nomination
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Glamour

Night two of the 2016 Democratic National Convention marked yet another historic moment for women in American politics as Hillary Clinton was officially named the Democratic presidential nominee.

Unapologetically cracking the glass ceiling like no woman has done before her, Hillary secured the nomination amid calls for the Democratic party to unite in support of her White House bid from the likes of First Lady Michelle Obama, former rumored VP pick Elizabeth Warren and even her primary election opponent Bernie Sanders. Former president Bill Clinton delivered one of the night’s most memorable speeches, proudly hailing his wife as a “change-maker” and one who can improve any situation put before her.

“You can drop her into any trouble spot — pick one — come back in a month and somehow, someway, she will have made it better. That is just who she is,” he said. “Hillary will make us stronger together. You know it because she’s spent a lifetime doing it,” he concluded.

Several other fearless and accomplished women took to the stage on Tuesday evening to commemorate Hillary’s nomination including former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and actresses America Ferrera and Lena Dunham. In the most moving moment of the night, Baltimore activist Lucia McBath also addressed the DNC crowd on behalf of the Mothers of the Movement organization, which is made up of Black women who have lost their sons to gun violence or police brutality. Sandra Bland’s mother Geneva Reed-Veal, Trayvon Martin’s Mother Sybrina Fulton and Mike Brown’s mother Leslie McFadden were among the members of the organization who represented the group on stage during their DNC appearance.  


Women in the audience, including daughter Chelsea Clinton, were moved to tears as a video montage displayed the photos of all 44 U.S. presidents, before ending with a shattering glass effect to reveal Hillary’s face. “We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling,” Clinton said during a surprise appearance from New York via live satellite. “And if there are any little girls out there who stayed up to watch, let me just say that I may become the first woman president, but one of you is next.”

Watch the inspiring moment in the video here.

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