The geniuses at the online comedy series, have collaborated to bring you the best combination of hip-hop meets politics on the Web today. Actor Iman Crosson plays President Barack Obama in the off the wall parody of Jaime Foxx’s hit song “Blame It on the Alcohol.”

The spoof, co-written and directed by Michael Gallagher explores a non-partisan, humorous take on the state of our economy and includes a cast of several political characters. You’ll see Rod Blogojevich (played by Seth Hendrix), Sarah Palin (played by Lisa Donovan), Vice President Joe Biden (played by Richard Ryan) and First Lady Michelle Obama (played by Vernetta Jenkins) clinking glasses in the club to the beat of Foxx’s song.

Crosson is best known for his hilarious spoof’s of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and T.I.’s “Whatever You Like”. Over 30 million people have viewed his videos, but this one shows the best of his talents.  While he may not look like the President, he sure does sound like him and makes the reality of our current economy a little easier to accept.

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