For those of you (like us) who just can’t get enough of Jill Scott, get excited — the soulful singer has another album on the way!

Scott’s former record label, Hidden Beach, will release “The Original Jill Scott From the Vault, Vol. 1.” on August 30. 

There will be two separate versions of the album: the standard which includes 11 previously unheard Jilly jams and the deluxe which features two bonus live tracks, a 20-page booklet with lyrics, and snazzy foil packaging.

Each edition will also have slightly different album artwork. Despite Jill’s rumored lawsuit with the label, Hidden Beach CEO Steve McKeever says both parties came to a mutual agreement on her departure and the ‘Vault’ album will impress fans, the Ubran Daily reports.

Curious? Find out for yourself – listen to sample tracks from From The Vault here then lets us know what you think!

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