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Help Stop the Violence


According to the CDC, every year, 30,000 Americans are killed with firearms and disproportionately the victims are black men. According to the latest figures, homicide is the leading cause of death for black men between the ages of 15 and 34.

To get involved in the fight to stop gun violence in your community contact the agencies below:



Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Founded by former press secretary Jim Brady and his wife after Brady was shot in an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, the Brady Campaign is devoted changing gun legislation through grassroots activism. The website is filled with valuable information including e-mails you can send to congress and instructions on how to organize an anti-violence protest in your neighborhood.

Phone: (202) 289-7319

Website: www.bradycampaign.org


Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence web site includes comprehensive and up-to-date information on gun legislation as well as the contact information for elected officials so you can lobby for change. The site also offers a state-by-state list of organizations working on this issue.

Phone: 202-408-0061

Website: www.csgv.org


Million Mom March

In 1999 a New Jersey mother, horrified by a story of a gunman randomly shooting at children, organize one of the largest marches on Washington. That grassroots effort has blossomed into 75 chapters across the country devoted to keeping families safe from gun violence. Connect with your local chapter through Million Mom March website.

Website: www.millionmommarch.org





Safe-inc.Org was founded by a woman whose fiancé and father of her child was murdered by two teenagers in 1992. Now Nzinga Oneferua-El’s focuses on keeping young people “alive and free from incarceration” through programs aimed at rehabilitation.

Phone: 410-235 2846

Website: www.safe-inc.org



Through community outreach programs, Women Against Gun Violence? provides support to those who have experienced gun violence and advocates for better gun legislation.

Phone: 310-204-2348

Website: www.wagv.org



Through extensive community outreach Men United for a Better Philadelphia works at reaching at-risk young men in their own neighborhoods and connecting them with the social services that can help get them off the streets. The organization is now expanding to offer mentoring programs to young women as well. Volunteers are welcomed.

Phone: 215-763-1805

Website: www.menunited.org


Founded by a woman whose son was murdered over a parking space, Mothers in Charge has many volunteer opportunities and offers community support for victims of violence.

Phone: 215-235-7283

Website: www.mothersincharge.org



Enough is Enough coalition began in Atlanta over ten years ago after a 14 year old was shot and killed by a stray bullet. The founder, Minister Thomas Ellis relocated to New Jersey after he was also shot and wounded in a robbery attempt. The minister offers assistance to families who have been the victims of gun violence and volunteer opportunities for other concerned citizens.

Phone: 973-704-9125

Website: www.enoughisenoughcoalition.com



Founded in 1993 by a group of Brooklyn mothers after the shooting of a school teacher in a local park, New York Against Gun Violence works toward tighter legislation and public awareness of the issues with chapters through out the state.

Phone: 212-679-2345

Website: www.nyagv.org



Celebrating its 25th, year, Washington CeaseFire offers opportunities for volunteers to raise awareness about gun violence through community outreach.

Phone: 206-322-1236

Website: washingtonceasefire.org



Silence is Violence organizes marches, victim outreach, after-school programs and anti-violence presence in neighborhoods with its “city walk” initiative. The website offers a message board for community members to share their stories.

Phone: 504-948-0917

Website: www.silenceisviolence.org



Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta provides a stable and nurturing environment for at-risk children and teens helping to keep them off the streets. The club is in constant need of volunteers willing to dedicate their time.

Phone: 404-527-7100

Website: www.bgcma.org



Detroit Community Justice Partnership offers a comprehensive action plan for combating violence including safe neighborhood initiatives and special programs aimed at parents.

Phone: 313-794-5550

Website: www.dcjp.org



CeaseFire, an initiative by the Chicago Project for Violence Prevention, involves residents, clergy, schools, law enforcement and community-based organizations and welcomes volunteers in the fight against gun violence.

Phone: 312-996-8775

Website: www.ceasefirechicago.org





Reggie Isaac’s preliminary hearing on aggravated assault and attempted robbery charges is scheduled to be continued on March 19, 2008.


Dominic Peoples is scheduled to go on trail for the murder of Lamar Lee Canada Feb. 25, 2008.