Attending an HBCU is a special, unique and amazing experience and the young professionals behind the Puissance Scholarship are striving to give that opportunity to as many prospective college students as possible.

Founded in 2013, the creators of the scholarship, Alize Beal, Brendan Francis, Lauren Legette, Roger Rojas and Anastazia Neely, aimed to prove through action that Black alumni do give back to their alma maters. 

Three years later they’re moving forward with their mission, holding events to not only raise money but to get the word out about the benefits of attending an HBCU. 

In a climate where the need for HBCUs is constantly questioned, and funds seem to be more and more of an issue, the focus on spreading the word about the unique experiences an HBCU has to offer are more necessary now than ever. 

The Puissance Scholarship committee’s annual fundraiser Hillman Homecoming references the beloved fictional campus on A Different World and draws professionals in New York City together to party for the cause. The event allows HBCU alumni to mix and mingle in an atmosphere reminiscent of campus days to ultimately raise money to give another student a chance to carry on the legacy. 

The 2016 Hillman Homecoming fundraising event is set to kick off tonight, March 25 in New York City. 

Want to help out but can’t make it to the fundraiser? You can head to to make a donation. 

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