Put away the naughty nurse costume. And don’t even think about digging to find your stashed bunny ears. Too many ladies use Halloween as an excuse to break fashion rules and wear sexy from top to bottom, so stop the bidding wars on that boring Hooters outfit.

Here are a few of our favorite costumes from around the Web.

Cleopatra This beautiful costume will turn you into the Queen of Egypt in a snap.







Flapper When else can you wear a boa with fringe and get away with it?







Athenian Goddess This costume is so much sleeker than everyone else’s white sheet. Pile on some gold accessories to really do it up.






Car Hop Girl We’ve always loved the fifties-waitress look and this cap makes it one of the best.






Bun in the Oven This hilarious getup might just win you a prize for best costume.






Marionette Puppet Costume Talk about creative. Just be prepared for folks to ask you to perform.