The Harvard Lampoon Gets Its First Black Female President
The Harvard Lampoon

For the first time in history, The Harvard Lampoon has chosen a Black woman to serve as its president. Alexis Wilkinson will be both the first Black president, as well as the first Black female president, to run the well respected undergraduate humor magazine. She will also be a part of the first pair of women to lead the Lampoon with newly elected Vice President Elle Parker. 

The Lampoon has often been a pipeline for its writers to many of the major comedy shows. Former writers include Conan O’Brien, B.J. Novak, and Simon Rich—who went on to write for Saturday Night Live

In an interview with NPR’s Michel Martin, Wilkinson shared her hopes to pursue a career in comedy writing. She also discussed her excitement about her promotion during a time where discussions are brewing about the diversity of shows like SNL

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Let’s hope SNL manages to find Wilkinson’s upcoming work with the Lampoon because she definitely seems like she’s on the path to being “ready.” Congratualtions Alexis! 

Click here to hear the rest of Wilkinson’s interview with NPR.