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Hard Candy

From day to night, mix and match your wardrobe to create a funky ensemble.

There’s nothing wrong with sending a few mixed messages. Keep them guessing when you switch up your wardrobe from refined to almost over-the-edge chic. Layering is a great way to create this funky kind of ensemble. Note: In all great fashion relationships, opposites often attract. Flowing satin florals along with most soft fabrics strike a stylish chord when paired with edgier materials like leather and studs.

See how we give this simple dress some studly style.





ADAM taupe floral silk pleated dress, $119.99, at bluefly.com.









Organic Crop Biker Jacket, $1,135, at Lagarçonne.com.



Studs Boot, $199.99, at bakersshoes.com.