Musician and Neo-Soul Queen India Aria turns 36 today!

The songwriter, officially known as India Arie Simpson made her debut in 2001 with “Video” from her multi-platinum album “Acoustic Soul.”

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Arie has since released two more albums, “Voyage to India, Testimony: Vol 1: Life and Relationships” and “Testimony: Vol 2: Love an Politics.”

The brown-skinned singer, also a U.S. Ambassador to UNICEF, is well-known for her thoughtful lyrics on global issues, women, and self-image, “I feel my music is even more in accordance with where people are. Everybody’s looking for ways to feel better –– the world is so unpredictable, people are looking inside themselves to ask what’s meaningful in life. My music has always addressed this, and now it’s so much in vibrational accordance with what people are thinking,” she says according to her website.

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She is currently working on her new album “Open Door” with Idan Raichel, set to be released in Spring 2012.

Join us in wishing the soul diva a Happy Birthday!