Halle Berry and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry are at it again—but this time it’s about their six-year-old daughter’s hair.

TMZ reports the actress took Aubry (a French-Canadian model) to court this week with claims that he wanted their daughter, Nahla, to look white by straightening and lightening her hair. Halle, who believes in the one-drop rule, wanted Nahla’s hair to stay in its natural state, free of chemicals.

In the court documents, Berry stated:

“I continue to hope that Gabriel and I can find a way to work together to be successful co-parents. It was with regret that I concluded that I had to seek the court’s intervention on these issues, but until Gabriel recognizes the meaning of joint legal custody and how it is implemented, it appears that the court will be my only resort to safeguard Nahla’s best interests.”

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As it turns out, Halle (and her lawyer Steve Kolodny) won the battle. According to the site, the judge “is allowing Nahla’s hair to grow back naturally.” And, moving forward, neither parent can alter Nahla’s natural hair texture or color.

Earlier this year, the courts ruled Berry to pay $16,000 a month in child support until Nahla is 19 years old or until she graduates from high school.

How would you have reacted? Should Halle have demanded Aubry to stop changing Nahla’s hair?