Despite rumors that Halle Berry wasn’t up for an Aretha Franklin biopic, Franklin recently said Berry is still considering the part.

“Halle Berry is back in the game,” the 69-year-old diva told Macleans magazine. “I just saw her at the curtain of Oprah’s farewell event and she let me know that she still wants to play the role.”

But she can’t really sing right? Ms. Franklin doesn’t mind – she has faith in Halle: “She didn’t know that she wasn’t expected to sing. I told her, ‘No, we never expected you to sing, we already knew you weren’t a singer!’ But I do think she could pull it off though.”

The movie will be based on the singer’s 1999 autobiography “Aretha: From These Roots.” Franklin said Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson are also being considered for the role. Who do you think would be best for the part?