Halle Berry Seeks Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry
Getty Images

After a Thanksgiving Day brawl that resulted in a tense holiday for Halle Berry and her fiancé Oliver Martinez, the couple is heading to court to seek an indefinite restraining order against Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, reports TMZ.

Aubry and Martinez exchanged blows at Berry’s residence on Thanksgiving Day, resulting in an emergency order of protection against Aubry. Berry’s lawyers are seeking a restraining order that will protect Berry, Martinez and Berry’s 4-year-old daughter Nahla since the emergency order of protection will expire on Tuesday.

As earlier reported, the fight between Aubry and Martinez broke out at Berry’s California home when Aubry dropped off Nahla. Apparently, Martinez “approached” Aubry to speak when they began fighting. Both men suffered multiple injuries. After being released from the hospital, Aubry was immediately arrested for a “private persons arrest for battery,” said LAPD Commanding Officer, Andrew Smith.

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