Halle Berry Is A Mother Who Will Stop At Nothing To Bring Her Child Home In New Movie ‘Kidnap’
Relativity Media/YouTube

Halle Berry is headed back to the big screen in a new thriller titled Kidnap.

In the new trailer for the film, Halle’s character is seen playing a game of Marco, Polo with her son when she becomes frantic after he stops responding. While searching for him moments after she realizes he’s out of her line of sight, her worst fears come true when she sees a woman abduct her son and throw him into the back seat of her car.

Halle’s character clings to the side of the car as it pulls off, but is unsuccessful in her attempt to stop the vehicle.

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She later finds herself in the middle of a brief high-speed chase as she follows the car carrying her son but is forced to stop after the car runs a police officer off of the road. Refusing to wait around and follow the recommended protocol for locating her son with the help of the police investigators for fear that she’ll never see him again, Halle’s character becomes determined to do whatever it takes until her child is returned to her safely.

Check out the official trailer for Kidnap below.