Halle Berry: I Don’t Want Nahla Growing Up Around Tabloids
Jason Merritt/WireImage

After months of intense custody battles with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry is opening up about her impending plans to leave the country.

She tells InStyle, “It’s the appeal of privacy and a greater sense of safety for Nahla. I don’t want her to grow up around the tabloids. Because we are followed all the time, she is starting to feel like she is somehow special, and of course she is, but I want her to understand that she’s special because of who she is, not because she was born into this celebrity blender.”

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Berry admits that her relationship with Aubry isn’t the best right now, but believes things will improve over time. “There is turbulence, but this too shall pass,” she says.

On another note, she is still looking to get hitched in the coming months. Berry and French actor Olivier Martinez were engaged earlier this year. But the actress says she’s not firm on wedding plans because she’s unsure where she will be living, but wants a small affair. “I haven’t been to many weddings, but I went to one this weekend with 250 guests. I thought, ‘Wow—so this is a wedding, huh?’ I’ve never had that, nor have I wanted that. I wasn’t even trying to catch the bouquet!”

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Above all she’s very happy with Martinez. The Cloud Atlas star says he’s the perfect match for her. “He’s silly, a clown, and very much the life of the party, which is good for someone like me,” she says. “Danny Downer… been there, done that. Now I like Louie Lightfoot! I’m a hopeless romantic, and I won’t stop until I get it right.”

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