Halle Berry Broke Her Foot During Goat Chase

Halle breaks foot after goat chase with Nahla.

Nicole Marie Melton Oct, 01, 2011

Remember when we told you that Halle Berry broke her foot in Spain?  Well it turns out the incident occurred when she ran after her daughter Nahla who was chasing a goat across a stretch of rocky countryside.

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A source tells PEOPLE that Nahla took off after the four-legged creature and Halle scrambled to catch up with her preschooler.  Once they were reunited, Halle began walking back to her villa when she tripped over a rock and broke her foot.

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Halle was taken to a local hospital where doctors put a cast on her foot and ordered her to stay off of it for three weeks.

We’re glad to know that mommy and daughter are safe and wishing Halle a speedy recovery!



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