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Haiti Is Picking Up The Pieces After Its Second Natural Disaster In Less Than A Decade

Haiti was still recovering from the 2010 earthquake when Hurricane Matthew made landfall.
Haiti Is Picking Up The Pieces After Its Second Natural Disaster

Hurricane Matthew is the second catastrophic natural disaster to hit Haiti in less than a decade.

The 2010 magnitude 7 earthquake killed 316,000 people, injured 300,000 more, and displaced approximately 1.5 million citizens, according to HuffPost. The earthquake was followed by the worst outbreak of cholera since UN peacekeepers introduced the disease to the once cholera-eradicated country in 2010.

Tens of thousands of Haitian people were still displaced, living in facilities of inadequate infrastructure when Hurricane Matthew made landfall on October 4, 2016. The humanitarian community fears the strike could worsen the cholera outbreak in wake of the current destruction.

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The UN recently suggested international aid in the amount of $120 million to assist those impacted by the Category 4 hurricane.

“Many people I have met are surviving by eating fruit from fallen trees,” Carlos Veloso, a World Food Programme Representative, reported on the organization’s website. “We are using trucks and helicopters to transport [food supplies] as quickly as possible to save lives.”

Several humanitarian groups said that badly damaged and blocked roads prevent them from reaching survivors. Food and medicine remain largely inaccessible.