We talked to hair guru and Trichologist Dr. Reginald Mitchell, aka Dr. Hair, who shares five things you can do right now to create an optimal hair-growing environment.
Dr. Hair wants you all to know that there isn’t a product or pill that will grow your hair. “I’ll probably go to the grave with that fact,” he says. If these miracle products did exist, somebody would be very rich and everyone who wanted long hair would have it. That said, you can still create an ideal environment for your hair so it can thrive and here’s how: 
1. Keep Your Scalp Clean & Clear

Pretty hair starts with a healthy scalp. Your hair can’t thrive if the scalp is clogged or covered with dead skin cells, dandruff and/or product debris. Keep your scalp clean with an exfoliating product like Organic Root Stimulator Uplifting Hair Shampoo, $7.49, walgreens.com.

2. Create the Right Moisture Balance

You must keep the hair moisturized so that it can bend without breaking. You don’t, however, want to weigh your hair down with heavy creams and oils. A moisturizing conditioner is necessary after every wash and a lightweight, petroleum-free hair cream should be used, sparingly, on an as needed basis. We like Phyto 9 Daily Ultra Nourishing Botanical Cream, $26, sephora.com.

3. Decrease the Amount of Stressful Styling

Excessive heat, chemicals and tension (braiding, weaves, pulled-back styles that stress the hairline) will wear our hair down, causing it to snap or shed unnecessarily. If healthy, longer hair is your goal, choose a more restful hairstyle like a roller or straw set.

4. Avoid Products with Petroleum

It’s an enemy to the scalp because it decreases oxygenation and clogs the pores. It’s also extremely heavy, so reserve it for you elbows and knees, not your scalp!

5. Feed Your Scalp

Sweat and oil flow out of the scalp, so products can also flow inward. Use healthy, non-clogging nourishing hair oil. Dr. Hair likes ingredients like horsetail, nettle and rapeseed extract. We like Jane Carter Scalp Nourishing Serum, $20, janecartersolution.com.