At Least 9 Injured, Classes Cancelled, As Gunman Opens Fire On Ohio State Campus

The Ohio State University campus remains on lockdown after a gunman reportedly opened fire on Monday morning.

According to the latest from CNN, at least 8 have been reported injured, with 1 currently in critical condition. The OSU Department of Public Safety issued a campus advisory earlier this morning, informing students that there is an active shooter on campus and urging them to seek safety.

OSU student Anthony Falzarano, who was in class when the shooting took place, says a classmate claimed to have heard ‘popping’ noises just before the advisory was issued. “We heard a lot of sirens. I was in class and everyone got a text message at the same time for the emergency alert,” Falzarano told CNN. “Someone said they heard popping right before we got the alert, but I didn’t hear it. We are in a shelter-in-place right now in the building next door. “

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Student Harrison Roth shared a photo on Twitter of his classroom door baracaded with chairs and reassured family and friends that he was safe.

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Although no details about the shooter have been confirmed as of yet, Twitter user @SC_ClevelandNOT shared a photo of what he says is the gunman laying on the pavement after being taken down by police.

He later posted a second photo of the same man covered in a white sheet, after continuing to caution those reading that police are still reporting that there is an active shooter on the campus.

Campus emergency management has since confirmed that the campus is now secure and all classes have been cancelled for the remainder of the day.

Story still developing.