It’s no secret that Black women take great pride in our hair. We want it to look fabulous at all times! Since the road to ‘fabulous’ can involves flatirons, curling irons, blowdryers, pressing combs, relaxers, texturizers, haircolor, weaves, and too-tight cornrows, the truth is that our tresses can end up suffering, big time–ie, it can start thinning around the hairline, breaking off, or actually falling out. In fact, 40% of hair loss sufferers in the United States are women. The good news is that hair care brands are finally creating products that address the hair loss epidemic (like Biolustre, the line of hair repair products used by celeb stylist Ricardo Rojas to whip Selita Ebanks’ strands into shape). Here, the best product lines to help rejuvinate and revitalize thinning hair. Read More: