Another instance of racism from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has taken place. 

A video posted by Shaun King to Facebook shows an exchange between a group of African Americans, a white police officer and a white man whose voice is heard cover camera. 

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In the nearly one minute clip, a group from Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward was told by the officer that if they were in attendance to protest or voice their opinion they would be expected to do so away from the rally venue. 

When the Black woman explained that she, and other members of the group, were ticketholders to the Trump event, the officer explained he was told my campaign personnel to deny admittance to “them.”

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The man recording, who admits he is both white and at the rally to protest, asked the officer to clarify his “them” remarks, to which the officer denied any implications that the instruction to deny the group’s entry was solely based on race. 

The video was posted on Monday and has since been viewed more than 3 million times.  



Donald Trump’s white supremacy on full display

A group of young Black folk from Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward denied admission to a Donald J. Trump event simply because they are Black.A white man, in front of them and police, tells the police he is a protestor. Police say it’s ok for him to enter.Posted by Shaun King on Monday, March 14, 2016