Graffiti Hair: The New Hair Trend For the Creative This Summer
@djvictory via Instagram

Hair trends come and go and while many are lasting or find themselves coming around again and again, some are just great for the summer. One such hair trend is graffiti hair or hair stenciling. If you are bored with regular hair coloring or even ombre is getting stale, then you may be ready to rock some truly creative artwork that will have all eyes on you this summer.

Hair stenciling is a great temporary play with color and designs that allows the hair colorist and the wearer the opportunity to showcase their individuality. This is not just for young ladies as any design is acceptable and right for the job.

From hearts to geometric shapes to flowers, all one needs is some inspiration and a few items:

-Three or more temporary spray hair colors of your choice
-The stencil of your choice (any crafts store will have thousands)

On clean dry hair take the stencil and hold them around an inch from your head. Shake the can a few times before spraying over the stencil and onto the hair to create the desired design. You may need to go back and forth with the can to get the color well saturated. Allow to dry a few minutes before spraying with hairspray. Continue with other color and other stencils designs until you achieve your look.

Here’s a video showing you how to do it and most of all have fun!