The American classic Gone With the Wind told the story of Scarlett O’Hara’s romantic pursuits but now the story of her maid Mammy will get the spotlight treatment.

According to, Simon & Schuster imprint Atria Books announced Thursday that it will publish Donald McCaig’s Ruth’s Journey in October. The story, a prequel to Margaret Mitchell’s classic 1936 novel, will follow the life of Mammy from her arrival in Georgia in the early 19th century. 

In 1939, Mammy was brought to life onscreen by Hattie McDaniel, who became the first African American to win an Academy Award for her role. 

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The novel that was often criticized for its one-dimensional portrayals of Blacks will go deeper into the story of one of its main characters.

Peter Borland, editorial director of Atria commented on the significance of the book: “What’s really remarkable about what Donald has done is that it’s a book that respects and honors its source material, but it also provides a necessary correction to what is one of the more troubling aspects of the book, which is how the black characters are portrayed.”