One of the latest lipstick crazes to hit the beauty scene is daring, out-of-the-box lip colors.  We’re not talking about bright reds or neon pinks here — think shocking yellow, vivid blue and even smoky gray. Before you turn your nose up at these shocking shades, think about the last time you tried a bold beauty move – we’ve all been there at least once!

Melissa Butler, creator of The Lip Bar, has reason to believe that these peculiar lip shades are the next big thing. Her line is one of a few brands we’ve seen popping up lately with lipsticks in every shade of the rainbow and Butler says she’s seeing growing sales of her more audacious colors.

“The Lip Bar is a naturally blended luxury cosmetic bar that caters to our consumer’s individuality,” said Butler. “We really aim to encourage self-expression through beauty with our lipsticks. My main inspiration was to craft colors that I felt weren’t represented in the cosmetic market. The colors I create are a mixture of the season’s fashion trends coupled with my crazy concoctions during experimenting.”

Check out the spring 2012 line of The Lip Bar in the gallery above. Would you be willing to wear blue, green or gray lipstick? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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