The Fall 2010 Tibi show was perfectly darling–sweet separates, sexy, lit-from-within makeup–but the hair was what everyone was talking about the next day. The unruly, rumpled, wild-woman curls managed to look beyond sexy on all the models, whether their hair was waist-length or cropped short. It’s not hard to understand–there’s something fabulously wanton about mounds of soft, touchable curls that don’t look perfectly “done.” It’s that whole I’m-too-fly-to-fuss-over-every-single-strand thing. Of course, the effort it takes to make your hair look effortless is almost Herculean (but we won’t tell). Here’s how to recreate this Jody Watley-meets-Donna-Summer moment: 1) Clip freshly blowdried hair on top of your head. Pull out one inch sections of hair, starting at the bottom. Spritz on a heat protecting spray like Sedu Smoothing Heat Protecting Boost ($12.99) and wind the section around the barrel of a 1/2 inch curling iron (make sure you keep the iron closed). Hold for five seconds, and slide out the curling iron, creating a spiral. 2) Continue until your whole head is curled. Do your makeup, or just hang out for twenty minutes or so, allowing your hair to cool. 3) Then, rub a dime-sized amount of shine serum (we like Got2B Glossy Anti-Frizz Shine Serum, $5) between your hands, and then run your fingers through the curls, breaking them up. Voila! Instant Tibi tendrils. 4) Go out on a hot date. You absolutely cannot waste hair this sexy! Read More: