Alicia Keys’ performance at the NBA All-Star Game’s halftime show was, as usual, beyond amazing–and so was her hair. Her wild, slightly mussed natural curls struck the perfect balance between super-cute and hot, hot, hot. The best part? The style is ridiculously easy to pull off. To do: Apply a dollop of curl cream like Kinky-Curly Curling Cream ($17) throughout damp hair, from roots to tips, raking through curls with your fingers. Then, separate smalls sections and create “two strand twists” (ie, wind two small sections of hair around each other). When your whole head is twisted, blast with a blowdryer or diffuser. When hair is dry, separate the twists and fluff hair with your hands. Finally, add a little shape and control by twisting hair back on the sides and at the top, and secure with bobby pins.  Or skip these steps altogether and spring for some curly-textured extensions! Read More: