Glory Johnson Opens Up About Split From Brittney Griner: ‘I Don’t Understand’
Instagram/Brittney Griner

It was the annulment heard ’round the world, and now, WNBA player Glory Johnson is opening up about her highly-publicized split from her wife of 28 days, Brittney Griner.

Johnson told Cosmopolitan magazine that though many of the reports on the couple’s relationship have been misleading, she admits that she was blindsided by the sudden split (Griner declined to comment in the article).

“I don’t understand,” she said. “I want to understand.”

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The two met in 2013, became engaged the following year, and were both arrested for domestic violence last April. They eventually made up, marrying six weeks later and beginning IVF treatments. However, one day after she announced that she was pregnant with twins, Griner filed for an annulment. Johnson gave birth to the babies last month, four months early. 

Johnson said that she thought the two had resolved their issues after the April arrest (she alleges that Griner had a gun in the house during the fight) and that both she and Griner were excited about having kids. However, in the annulment filing, Griner accuses Johnson of cheating and pressing her into IVF. Despite the messiness, Johnson said that she doesn’t regret the relationship or marriage.

“I followed my heart,” she said. “After all the things that [Griner] put me and my family through, I should hate this person. But at the end of the day, I still worry about how she’s taking all this.”